Kajian Dendrimer (Poly)Amidoamine (Pamam) Generasi 4 Sebagai Template Dalam Pembentukan Nanopartikel Secara In Silico

  • Yurika Sastyarina
  • Zuhrotun Nafisah
  • Muhammad Yusuf
  • Martalena Ramli
  • Abdul Mutalib
  • Ukun Soedjanaatmadja
Keywords: Dendrimer, PAMAM, nanoparticle, in silico


Dendrimers are a class of highly branched synthetic polymers that has spherical form consist of three components: core, branch and terminal functional groups. One of dendrimer that has been commercialized is (Poly)amidoamine (PAMAM). PAMAM dendrimer used as a template in the preparation of gold nanoparticles. This research was studied the streched cavities of (Poly)amidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimer generation 4 using in silico method. Structure of (Poly) amidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers generation 4 downloaded from Building Toolkit (DBT) Library and before the simulation structure was prepared. Then molecular dynamics simulations run using the AMBER program at 37°C in aqueous conditions. From analysis, obtained that the furthest distance of streched cavities at the closest distance from the core, region between residues 2 and 3 is 23.696 Å and at the terminal region between residues 100 and 122 is 58.045 Å


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Sastyarina, Y., Nafisah, Z., Yusuf, M., Ramli, M., Mutalib, A., & Soedjanaatmadja, U. (2017). Kajian Dendrimer (Poly)Amidoamine (Pamam) Generasi 4 Sebagai Template Dalam Pembentukan Nanopartikel Secara In Silico. Journal of Tropical Pharmacy and Chemistry, 4(1), 35-42. https://doi.org/10.25026/jtpc.v4i1.130

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