Bioaktivitas Biji Kolowe (Chydenanthus excelsus) terhadap Larva Nyamuk Aedes aegypty




Kolowe seed (Chydenanthus excelsus) bioactivity against Aedes aegypti masquito larvae was investegated. Assay of Kolowe seed preparation used fresh seed powder, dry powder, rough extract (methanol extract), n- butanol extract fraction, and aethyl acetate extract fraction. Plant material taken from Kamaru, Buton, Indonesia on March 2007. Fresh powder bioactivity (LC50 = 230.60 ppm); dry powder (LC50 = 225.55 ppm); rough extract/ methanol (LC50 = 245.70 ppm); n- butanol extract fraction (LC50 = 235.75 ppm); aethyl acetate extract fraction (LC50 = 250.55 ppm). The research results illustrated that the bioactivity seed from kolowe strong enough against mosquito larvae A. aegypti and dry powder has a stronger bioactivity than the other.


Keywords : Kolowe Seed (Chydenanthus excelsus), Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae





Penelitian bioaktivitas biji kolowe (Chydenanthus excelsus) terhadap larva nyamuk Aedes aegypti telah dilakukan. Sediaan biji kolowe yang diuji adalah serbuk biji segar, serbuk kering, ekstrak kasar (ekstrak metanol), ekstrak fraksi n-butanol, dan ekstrak fraksi etilasestat. Bahan tumbuhan diambil dari Kamaru, Buton, Indonesia pada bulan Maret 2007. Bioaktivitas serbuk segar (LC50 = 230,60 ppm); serbuk kering (LC50 = 225,55 ppm); ekstrak kasar/metanol (LC50 = 245,70ppm); ekstrak fraksi n-butanol (LC50 = 235,75 ppm); ekstrak fraksi etilasetat (LC50 = 250,55 ppm). Hasil penelitian tersebut menggambarkan bahwa bioaktivitas biji kolowe cukup kuat terhadap larva nyamuk A. aegypti dan serbuk kering memiliki bioaktivitas lebih kuat dari lainnya.


Kata Kunci: Biji Kolowe (Chydenanthus excelsus), larva nyamuk Aedes aegypti


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Rijai, L. (2010). Bioaktivitas Biji Kolowe (Chydenanthus excelsus) terhadap Larva Nyamuk Aedes aegypty. Journal of Tropical Pharmacy and Chemistry, 1(1), 46-50.

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